Meet Your Neighbors is a secure, private social meeting place for residents of your neighborhood. What better way to share, view and stay connected to the happenings in your backyard. Community is about participation but our busy lives make it difficult to stay connected. makes it easy.
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Find A Local Business

Need to find a great painter? Plumber?  Electrician?  Who better to trust than the people in your own neighborhood who might already have a referral on a business that’s already serviced your neighborhood.  Neighbors sharing information is what community is all about.
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Claim Local Deals

You can browse and claim great deals provided by local businesses that want to develop a stronger relationship to the community they service.  Deals are always free but to claim them you use redeem points.  How do you earn points?  It’s easy, by posting and sharing content to your own neighborhood site.
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Find Local Events

Every neighborhood has a community calendar that summarizes events in the area.  Events are updated by local residents, community sponsors,  and neighborhood managers.  Stay connected to what’s happening in your community.
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Join the local neighborhood watch group, or how about starting a community walking club?  Need a babysitter?  Looking for a lost dog?  Join or create your own group and share updates with group members.
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